Letter to the Board President

July 2014

Dear Board President:

We know that you want your association’s attorney to be a true partner and trusted advisor, one who can work with you to make a community better than when you became president.

We strive to create that kind of relationship with each president with whom we work. We accomplish this by supporting your professional management, your board members, and your officers so that you all look like heroes to the owners.

Why do we care if the board members look like heroes? Because it makes for a better community. Period. Why do we make professional managers look like heroes? So that we gain their trust and end the common situation where managers block the board’s access to association legal counsel and leave the board with the impression that the lawyer represents the manager, not the association.

With the communities that we have served for years, the succeeding board president returns to us time and time again. Why? Because we work as a trusted advisor and true partner in ways other lawyers can’t, and our reputation follows from board to board. Our board presidents value that so much, and recognize how rare it is, that they go to great lengths not to lose that relationship or lose us as legal counsel.

We obviously have a business interest at stake. We want to not only survive — we want to thrive.  And we’ve found the best way to thrive is by forming strong relationships with board presidents who seek to form and maintain a strong team to make their community a little better.

If you are a current client, thank you for your continued support. We hope the next sixteen years will be as fulfilling as the last sixteen years. If you are not a current client but believe that exceptional legal counsel should be part of your team, contact us today. We can make us both better. And who knows? Maybe we’ll save the world together.