Following almost 20 years as a successful litigator, Terrence A. Leahy formed Leahy, PS in 1998 to prevent and resolve divisive community association issues. Our firm grew. In 2007 ownership expanded to  Brian P. McLean and Stephan O. Fjelstad. In 2009 Leahy, PS changed its working name to Leahy McLean Fjelstad. In 2014 we moved our offices from the waterfront in Kirkland, Washington to Fifth Avenue in downtown Seattle, Washington, three blocks from King County Superior Court. In 2015 Allison Peryea became a shareholder and the firm changed its working name to Leahy Fjelstad Peryea.

That’s the simple history.

We’ve always focused on three things: make communities thrive, hire and train the best people, and create a work environment that inspires creative thinking to solve problems, not exacerbate them.

We’ve never been satisfied with short-sighted solutions like using duct tape to repair the structural integrity of a community. We ask our clients, where do you want to be five years from now? And we collaborate with clients to map a path there.

We train and cross-train our employees, we share and collaborate on projects without double-billing our clients, we encourage work-life balance, and we pay our employees competitive living wages.

We have a remarkable track record of keeping our clients out of nasty protracted litigation and, when that can’t be avoided, using over 70 years of collective litigation experience to save our clients money, reduce their stress, and preserve the community they live in.